Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Woo-Woo Wednesday

I've added a little woo-woo to the blog. There is a now GCP Real-Time Dot over on the right-hand side. It is part of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). The GCP attempts to track what they think are the effects of consciousness on material systems and see if they correlate to real-world happenings.

From the GCP Website
The Global Consciousness Project collects random numbers from around the world. These numbers are available on the GCP website. This website downloads those numbers once a minute and performs sophisticated analysis on these random numbers to see how coherent they are. That is, how probable it is that the numbers are generated as they are. The theory is that the Global Consciousness of all the people of the world affect these random numbers...

Maybe they aren't quite as random as we thought. The probability time window is one hour. For more information on the algorithm you can read about it on the GCP Basic Science

Who knows, maybe this is the thin leading wedge of a future scientific discipline, like the frittering around with electricity in the late 1700s.
Or maybe nothing more than a curiousity. Either way, something worth checking in on occasionally.

h/t George Ure

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