Thursday, July 9, 2009

Unhealthy Times

Not sure if it means anything, but the lifespan of folks in high finance seems to be creeping downward these days.

Hedge fund CEO dies in glider accident
by Emily Firth, citywire
Jean-Pierre Aguilar, the CEO and co-founder of French alternative asset manager, Capital Fund Management (CFM), died in a glider accident on Saturday, the firm has announced.

Set up in 1991, Paris-based CFM is one of the oldest French alternative managers. It specialises in statistical arbitrage on futures, equities and options...

Mssr. Aguilar was a computer scientist and big-time quant. I wonder what algos he was running?

Then this odd-sounding, follow-on tragedy:

Trader Dies in London Fall
By Tara Loader Wilkinson
A 24-year-old equity sales trader who worked at Deutsche Bank in London died this weekend after falling from a rooftop garden in London's financial district. Anjool Malde worked in the small- and midcap equity sales business at the German bank since joining as a graduate trainee in 2005...

...He had been asked to leave work at 3 p.m. on Friday, but Deutsche Bank said he wasn't under any suspension or part of a disciplinary action. "He was helping the bank with an inquiry into an IT matter," according to a bank spokesman. "It concluded at 3pm on Friday and he was expected to come back in this week to continue with the matter. It was very preliminary. We are deeply saddened by our colleague's death, and our thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this time..."

Huh. An IT matter? Glad I bailed from computer programming in the finance industry back in 2002. Getting unhealthy out there for folks involved with computers and finance.

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