Friday, July 17, 2009

A Tool for the Coming Backlash

Man oh man, when this Suckers' Rally collapses and the political recrminations begin, I expect the tools available to the show trial coordinators and the conspiracy theorists will blossom into a full-spectrum field of video and analytical juiciness as the formerly rich and powerful are linked together in their "crimes against the People" or whatever jargon will be used to dress up the anger that will be expressed by a world population needing scapegoats.

Here is a Muckety Map of the "influence" of Godman Sachs - a fantastic example that I expect will only grow in its ability to tie together people, businesses and influence:


David J. Williams said...

Love it. Auctioning off tickets at public executions is likely to be one of the few growth industries from hereon in.

Flagg707 said...

Yup. That and the street vendors selling ganja to the crowds milling about the town square waiting for the public execution.