Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Great Socionomic Headline

How's this for a screaming headline straight from socionomic theory?

Drawing Up the Drawbridges
Europe Falls Out of Love with Labor Migration
...The mood has now shifted to one of overt xenophobia in Italy, which, like Spain, only became a country of immigration in the last decade. Illegal immigrants cannot be "handled with kid gloves," Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said, and the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi promptly unveiled a new security law. It calls for a fee for residency permits and proof of a minimum level of income. Under the law, the homeless will be fingerprinted, doctors will be required to report patients without papers and citizens' patrols are to be authorized to pick up illegal immigrants. Anyone working in the country illegally will be deported, and those who refuse to leave can be sent to prison for up to four years...

Emphasis mine. And this is just one paragraph of a long story describing how social mood is propelling Europe - normally associated with open immigration policies - into a new era of restrictions and hard policing of a once winked-at practice.

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