Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bureaucrats Draw Out the Long Knives

While I dig out here at my day job, ponder the situation in California described below and think about how it would play out in your state and your community as the entrenched civil service elites "teach the public a lesson" about refusing their demands for more tax revenue (and then see what percentage of you local and state budgets go to straight personnel costs - salary, benefits, pension) and ponder it some more as you read about the local tax collection situation:

Budget woes placing California into unknown territory
By Kevin Modesti, Staff Writer, Contra Costa Times
...Kotkin thinks officials will seek the most noticeable cuts first to try to teach voters a lesson for rejecting the ballot measures.

"They'll find ways to try to hurt the public and create a sob story instead of saying, `Let's have some shared sacrifice here,"' Kotkin said from his home in Valley Village. "I think it's going to be painful."

Fred Siegel, a New York history professor and political adviser who wrote a book about America's big cities, said the "fiscal Armageddon" threat was a blown-up version of the Washington Monument Gambit, the term for when an agency fighting for funding threatens to close down a popular attraction.

"(Sacramento) says, `We're not going to make sensible cuts, we're going to impose pain,"' Siegel said. "`You don't give us what we asked for, and we'll close down the things you like best - and we'll release a lot of dangerous people (from prison)."

"It's "highly unlikely," Siegel said, that the necessary cuts can't be found in California's huge budget...

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