Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unintended Consequences

This stuff sounds great and I plan to buy some for my emergency kit, but I've spent a lot of time pondering 4GW Theory, Globalguerrillas and the black humor of the Law of Unintended Consequences and I have to wonder, how soon before this becomes banned for export? After it shows in up Lebanon or Gaza or Sadr City?

Tape Designed to Bomb-, Storm-Proof Homes
Eric Bland, Discovery News
When a hurricane looms, a new tape could soon help homeowners keep their walls from blowing apart. X Flex tape, a clear, Kevlar-reinforced tape tested and developed in conjunction with the U.S. military, is set to become available to civilians within the next year.

"You can paint over it or put wall paper over it," said Abboud Mamish of Berry Plastics Inc. who worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop X Flex. "Putting nails through it [to hang a picture] should not affect its ability to stop a two-by-four going 100 [m.p.h.]."

X Flex is three layers sandwiched together. The outer two layers are standard plastic wrap. Inside that are clear strands of Kevlar, the synthetic fabric used by soldiers for body armor, woven together at a 45 degree angle. The Kevlar strands allow the tape to bend and flex more than six inches but not break, stopping terrorist munitions or Mother Nature's fury...

...Wherever you live, X Flex is easy to install. A 10 x 20 foot wall can be covered in X Flex in about 10 minutes. A proper installation, where a glue primer is applied before the plastic to help it stick better, takes about 20 minutes. After that X Flex is ready to take just about anything Mother Nature or Osama bin Laden can throw at it...

Or the IDF?

Not to harp on books that helped shape my worldview ten or fifteen years ago, but just as the Theory of Megapolitics proposed - the cost of defense is dropping and the ramifications will be immense. This by itself is of course just a tiny little cog in the immense wheel of change grinding over the landscape and, by itself, is probably not significant, but combined with other technologies? Hmmm.

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