Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Meditation for 22 May 2009

A few odds, ends and trends to ponder. A little food for thought over this Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy it, friends, methinks the summer itself could get long and hot by July.

This is a no-brainer, but a trend to check up on. This graph shows Google Trends for "pay off debt." Paying it off instead of taking it on is a deflationary activity that strikes directly at the heart of fractional reserve lending.

Here's worrisome trend: "treat infection"

And then, an odd one that makes me wonder if there is some sort of correlation I should be looking for, like Prechter's stuff on hemlines and stock prices: "boxer shorts"


Greg B said...

The trend graphs are always interesting!

But the "boxer shorts" graph may have a simple explanation. Look at the spikes again and think of the words 'Christmas gifts' :-)

wsp_duke said...

The top two graphs share a gentle up slope for years now. Both reflect the deepening economic situation over that time period. More people need to get out of debt and one way to do that is to begin to cut back on medical expenses. My 2 cents.

wsp_duke said...
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