Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is "magical thinking" on steroids. If I just wish hard enough, then bad things won't happen. So, let's just filter out anything that makes us nervous or might be sending a signal that we don't like:

Recession Blocker
All this irresponsible talk of recession only makes it more likely. Do your bit for the economy by only reading the news through this web browser, which blacks out unwelcome words. Type in the address of your favourite news site below:

How about forcing all weather stations in Florida to only report sunny weather during hurricane season? Or telling people to ignore infections that become red and swollen?



Mark Moore said...

Kind of fun--I put in FutureJacked and it looks like a WWII censored letter. My dad was one of the censors on an LST in the pacific theatre.

Benh said...


benedict said...

...I would imagine it's satire... and apparently it's quite effective.