Monday, April 13, 2009

Resilience, or Lack Thereof

This story hearkens back to when we covered a lot of the infrastructure attacks that were happening in pre-Awakening Iraq. I still think Iraq is the "Spanish Civil War" of the coming Collapse era which will see 4GW style groups rising in influence and power (just read what is going on down Mexico way to see how close it has crept to the U.S.) and the kinds of knowledge and tactics developed there will be spread to groups all over the globe.

I fear we are seeing the glimmers of it in California, possibly someone(s) prepping for an "urban takedown" of some sort? No time to delve more deeply into this today, but something to consider.

Bad scenarios for the smart-grid concept
By John C. Dvorak
...This week in the San Francisco Bay Area, the fiber-optic cable network was purposely sliced at four distinct locations. Where a hacker cannot succeed, bolt cutters will do. Read more in The Wall Street Journal's Digits blog.

Once the cables were cut, Internet service was flaky for the region and completely out for 50,000 customers. On top of that, the landlines would not work and the cell-phone towers in the area went dead.

Does anyone find this sort of interdependency a little disconcerting? It is as if someone was testing the grid for either redundancy or failure points...


David said...

Have you read through the links to Global Guerrillas? The guy who wrote that City Journal column is a statist to the core. I don't think is analysis merits much attention. He thinks governments can address 4GW, when in fact 4GW is a response to the decline in legitimacy of central states due to the very failures he thinks they can undo. How someone writes such circular reasoning escapes me.

Flagg707 said...

Agreed that the City Journal writer doesn't seem to get it. If nothing else it shows how deeply entrenched the mindset of the politcal and social elites are against the coming tidal wave of change.

David said...

You nailed it. After 200+ years of GS III-inspired belief in one paradigm, there's no one left to imagine that the rules have changed or could change. I recently realized that as this change washes over societies, a new narrative will be spun to "explain" the new reality, akin to a new set of Ptolemaic rules to explain the sudden, new gyrations of society's celestial bodies. It is this narrative, those who spin it and those who hijack it, that will determine the overall tenor of GS IV. This will guide how relatively benign or murderous GS IV will be. Given the horrors of the 20th century, I'm not terribly hopeful.