Thursday, April 23, 2009


Some food for thought from John Michael Greer:

A Struggle of Paradigms
Perhaps the most fascinating factor shaping today’s debates about the future of industrial society, and certainly among the most frustrating, is the rapidity with which any such debate plunges into territory outside the reach of rational argument. Watch a conversation about the subject, and nearly always one of two things will happen: either the participants will find they share basic assumptions in common, and will proceed to build a conversation on that firm ground, or their assumptions will differ and they’ll spend the rest of the conversation talking past one another...

The post focuses mainly on ecology, but, as with most of his writing, has a larger context as well. I would suggest that we are in line for a series of radical paradigm shifts, including that of the dominant view of the industrial revolution, in physics, cosmology - and in the myths that those paradigms inform, the stories we tell ourselves and pass along to our children. Two generations from now, I believe that this Great Collapse will have altered science, politics, religion and business in ways we can't imagine right now.

We get to help shape that new worldview - for better or worse.

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