Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Bleak Destination

"Twelve heads in a bag left on the side of the road, found in a country God no longer knows..."

John Robb thinks Twelve Heads in a Bag by the Krayolas works as a theme song for the globalguerrillas / 4GW entities / networked tribes. I have a very, very bad feeling that he may be correct.

The disintegration of the Mexican State (euphemistically called the Mexican Drug War) is Big Example Number Two of what the nation-state system is facing as we enter The Great Collapse, driven by this mass change in social mood that is sweeping the globe. Big Example Number One - Iraq - was just the initial proving ground for tactics and weaponry, a stress test of the ability of tiny groups to wreak out-sized havoc. To the U.S., Big Example Number One could, frankly, if worse came to worse, be abandoned and we could pull back with two oceans between us and the resulting chaos.

Mexico, however, ain't going anywhere. As she continues to slip further and further into the shadowy world of half-nation-state half narco-feudalism, watch for the violence, corruption and blowback to flood north. If you think we would ever have better luck in Mexico than in Iraq, I strongly urge you to read about Pershing's campaign against Villa.

And, just as an aside, note that the style of music - the corrido (roughly a combo of what we in the U.S. might regard as folk music plus the Blues) and other music playing up the role of the narcotraficante are making in-roads as social mood turns negative. Art is driven by the same impulses as commerce, politics and religion. Those of you with an talent for art in any form need to take note of the times...

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