Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Socionomic Alarms in Europe

Stratfor has issued a two-part series entitled "Xenophobia in Europe," just as socionomic theory would predict in a phase of negative (and declining) social mood:

Europe: Xenophobia Rising
from Stratfor
Europe’s economic crisis is causing social unrest to break out across the continent. One way this will manifest itself is through xenophobic attacks and anti-minority sentiment. STRATFOR takes a look at the underlying causes of Europe’s discomfort with foreigners, as well as what the current crisis may mean for the future of Europe...

Europe: Xenophobia and Economic Recession
from Stratfor
...the anti-immigrant impulse in Europe is a strong one, and one that we expect to see emerge with vigor this summer due to the economic crisis. Thus, right-wing parties could gain electoral support and begin implementing some comparatively radical anti-immigrant policies...

This won't be confined to Europe. Count on it.


David J. Williams said...

As always, Stratfor is on target. Complicating the matter further is that you've got Islamic fringe groups in the mix that are (very loudly) proclaiming that the sooner they get Sharia law established, the better. This leaves mainstream Muslims in a nasty position, and they're the ones who will pay for it, I fear. It's the classic situation: the extremists of both sides are locked in a symbiotic relationship even though they'd as soon run each other over as look at each other.

Flagg707 said...

A classic situation and tragic. You are spot on. The recent push by Muslims to set up Sharia as an alternative system in the U.K. for certain cases is a leading wedge of this as well.

History is not kind to countries that allow for competing and radically different systems of laws.