Friday, March 13, 2009

Paranoia Ascending

I couldn't make this up if I tried. The state I live in (Missouri) now conflates supporters of Ron Paul with terrorists. Oh yeah, and the novels of Tom Clancy have helped to inspire said "terrorists." I shit you not. Read it yourself (page 7 for the Ron Paul call-out and page 1 for the Tom Clancy reference).

MIAC Strategic Report - The Modern Militia Movement

In the interests of full disclosure, I was a Ron Paul supporter during his White House bid and believe that the Constitution of the United States should be observed by everyone in the land, even the political elites. And I think The Hunt for Red October is a great read.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of a Militia. I wonder what other stock phrases from the McCarthy era hearings we should be brushing up on? The polarization of society proceeds apace. Keep safe, friends.

h/t WL for the heads-up on the document.


David said...

The document you linked has a list of all sorts of "militia" actions. Funny, nearly all of it pertains to "plots" that were never carried forward. The poster child for this was the "Viper Militia" episode where people who had committed no crime were convicted of a plot based on an FBI transcript of a garbled recording made by a paid informant. Most dispassionate observers of that whole "militia" episode concluded that most of those organizations' members were either under cover cops or paid informants.

The paranoia (and lousy grammar) of the author (cop) of that piece was, as you note, in full evidence. Scary, that such people have police power (you've surely seen Will Grigg's recent columns at on this subject).

One comment, however. Consider looking at for a nice, reasoned discussion of why the notion of going back to the letter of the U.S. Constitution is hopelessly naive. There's no going back, never has been, never will be. People in political systems don't relinquish power...authoritarianism grows until the society supporting it collapses from the dead weight of all that coercion. They don't call it a "correction" for nothing.

Flagg707 said...

Thanks David. I appreciate the link. I unfortunately think it has a lot of very good points.