Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Word and a New Book

The ever-insightful Dmitry Orlov discusses the need for a revamped vocabulary to help process the coming catastrophic change in living standards we in the U.S. are facing in Welcome to Fuffland!

And Charles Hugh Smith kicks of the serialization of his new e-book Survival+ today.

Both are must-reads.

Also, do keep an eye on the markets (again, solely as a measure of mass social mood - we give no investing advice here). I think this week will tell the tale if I am correct in believing a major bear market rally is coming our way or if we are due one final drop into the 6000's before that rally gets underway. When we do get this rally, think of it as another "last chance" to get your house in order or possibly acquire that patch of land or some other property that might require credit, because it is my belief that when mood whipsaws back into negativity, it will be lights out for easy access to lending for a long, long time...

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