Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Lever of Technology

Danger Room has a posting regarding non-governmental groups in Russia that helped launch cyber attacks on Estonia back in 2007. It is short and provides a wealth of information in the links. These groups currently operate as privateers of sorts, but one man's privateer is another man's pirate and Russia may some day come to regret nurturing such groups.

In my opinion, this kind of globalguerrilla activity will grease the skids for the coming decline in the reach and efficiency of the nation-state as we traverse this Great Collapse and emerge on the other side into What Comes Next.

This is a theme we've beaten the drum on for years now. It is important to stay educated at least on the broad outlines of tech advances in computer systems, networking and communications - and in how those systems can help small groups produce real goods and get those goods out to a market, be that market legal, gray or black.

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