Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Meditation for 27 March 2009

Here are three more charts from Google Trends for you to ponder.

Here is the trend for the search term "how to save money." Not a shocker, I know, but it does illustrate how a deflationary dynamic builds from the bottom up.

And here is a more troubling set of terms: "tent city." That is an ugly spike in 2009. Here's hoping that turns out to be an anomaly and not the beginning of a trend...

Then we have the terms "how to disappear." Note the trend change starting back just after the market top in 2007. Many years ago while doing research on a book (that eventually went nowhere), I ran across an entire niche publishing subculture based on selling books and advice to people who wanted to "disappear" and start all over with a new identity. With bills piling up and economic prospects bleak for many, that seems to have a growing appeal for many folks out there.

Have a great weekend. Here's hoping this recent bull market trend means we'll have a month or more of net positive social mood as Spring rolls in.

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