Monday, February 9, 2009

You Want a Reason?

All other arguments - pro and con - aside, this is why the United States should legalize drugs immediately:

Warrior in drug fight soon becomes a victim
Mexican general was seized, tortured and slain in tourist mecca of Cancun

By William Booth, Washington Post
CANCUN, Mexico - The general didn't get much time. After a long, controversial career, Brig. Gen. Mauro Enrique Tello QuiƱones retired from active duty last month and moved to this Caribbean playground to work for the Cancun mayor and fight the drug cartels that have penetrated much of Mexican society. He lasted a week.

Tello, 63, along with his bodyguard and a driver, were kidnapped in downtown Cancun last Monday evening, taken to a hidden location, methodically tortured, then driven out to the jungle and shot in the head. Their bodies were found Tuesday in the cab of a pickup truck on the side of a highway leading out of town. An autopsy revealed that both the general's arms and legs had been broken...

A reasonably stable, competent and uncorrupted bureaucracy and law enforcement division is a necessity for any State that would provide a framework for peace and some sort of prosperity or at least protection from non-government looting.

The huge dollars associated with drug trading have already hollowed out Mexico. As Mexico continues to descend into 4GW gang-ocracy, it WILL spill over the Rio Grande. Stories like the one above will then be about sherrifs and national guard generals in Lubbock and Phoenix and Texarkana. And it will all be happening as the U.S. struggles with the devastation wrought by the debt bombs that are going off all around us.

Of course, because we are living in Worst Case Scenario World now, dope legalization won't happen until it is too late to make a difference - but don't kid yourself, it is coming.

And no, before the emails start - I don't do dope, I think it is a stupid waste of brain cells, but the same can be said for booze. The social costs of the Drug War now far outweigh the benefits.


Harleydog said...

Excellent post. Spot on. Happening right on our doorstep and yet we cannot see it. pathetic. unless, we are covertly fostering drug trade but then you would be labelled a black helicopter, conspiracy thinking nut job.


Worg said...

"unless, we are covertly fostering drug trade but then you would be labelled a black helicopter, conspiracy thinking nut job. "

Except that it's been shown numerous times that certain agencies are involved (perhaps run) the drug trade.

The times are a-changing though.