Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Anger Anecdote

Granted, The Fly (AKA Horatio Clawhammer) is foul and bombastic, but I think he is tapping into a growing feeling about the markets and society in general here:

The Heroless Era
Past generations were marked by national heroes. Men like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, or the countless World War veterans, conjure up visions of greatness for millions of Americans. I remember when my Grandfather told me stories about the heroes of his generation, which included baseball players, champions of industry, politicians, police officers, actors, family members, neighbors etc.

Conversely, today, we are a viagra driven society, whose only interest is to f--k something or someone, out of coin or innocence.

Our athletes are cheating fabulists. Our politicians are criminals and/or too stupid to lead. Our “titans of industry” resemble the mafia from 50 years ago, minus the honor amongst thieves. Families are fractured, due to asshole parents taking a greater interest in their own vanity, instead of raising a family and leading truthful/admirable lives.

Don’t get me started on today’s actors and actresses. Let’s just say the days of Cary Grant are long gone.

The stock market is a reflection of a failed society.

A society without virtues is one worth blowing the f--k up and starting over.

And we aren't even in the prime time of the coming Crash...

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