Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something to Add to Your Model

"Many commentators talk about the government's need to inflate currency so as to pay off debt with "cheaper" dollars/euros/yen/yuan etc., but few ask this key question: What policy benefits the top 1% who own 3/4 of all productive assets?" - Charles Hugh Smith

In The Fog, we here at FutureJacked basically said "who the hell knows what stupid policies will be put into motion as we cascade down into an abyss of negative social mood?" Our model (Elliott Wave Analysis and the Theory of Socionomics that underpins it) gives a nice view from 30,000 feet - but those of us down here on the ground need all the signposts we can get to guide our way to through this downturn and to the eventual American Renaissance that will follow years from now.

Well, Charles Hugh Smith over at Of Two Minds, has, in that quote above, given us another guidepost.

"The Powers That Be" are subject to the same emotional storms as us regular folks. The banksters and financial playerz are constantly being exposed as, well, not quite the supergeniuses they had been marketed as. However, because they have cash and influence, their views are going to get a lot more attention when policy is implemented on a state and federal level.

So when you hear that hyperinflation is inevitable and coming very soon, take a second and think about the effects on the mega-wealthy, the ones that have serious influence on the Congressfolk and Senators. A mass wave of opposition by regular people doesn't mean a damn thing to them as regards financial issues - note the huge wave of opposition to TARP by us pepples. The politicos told us all to shut our little stupid mouths and behave - Daddy knows best, especially when Daddy is being advsied by Goldman Sachs.

This bears more thought, but add it to your toolkit. When policy-makers are about to make a decision, ask yourself, what would benefit the bottom line of the George Soros' of the world and then watch how the policies spin out.

In the end, the mass wave of social mood will overwhelm these efforts, but federal and state laws can definitely deform and warp how it all plays out between here and the endgame.

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