Friday, January 16, 2009

Shattering the Scientific Consensus

One of the big themes I expect to see play out during the coming decade(s) of this Grand Supercycle correction is the tearing down of the current scientific consensus.

Much of the destruction of the scientific consensus will be the result of the poison of "magical thinking" that will infect and warp the teaching (or the acceptance by those being taught) of science as we know it today. At some point, it may get so bad that science has to go underground or learn to practice in a decentralized and informal manner, as it mostly was up until the "Invisible College" became the Royal Society, the Granddaddy of Big Science establishments.

Another factor in the tearing down of the current scientific consensus will be the introduction of new theories that work better, are simpler and have a deeper explanatory power than current models.

One area ripe for a complete rewrite of the current consensus is in astrophysics, solar system interactions and planetary studies. The basic model of planetary "science" is based on theories that rely almost exclusively on gravity as the driving force and imagines space to be an empty vacuum devoid of much mass or any electrical charge, a product of the early days of astronomy when the foundations for this new science were being built up using little more than earth-based optical telescopes. The problem is, this "science" has not changed the fundamentals of the theories it proposes, even in the face of decades of new data from radio telescopes, satellites and probes that have revealed the solar system and galaxy to be a churning sea of high-energy plasma activity. The old theories are so decrepit that at this point we are asked to believe such absurdities that include:

  • The vast majority of the "stuff" that makes up Universe is "dark matter" - a mysterious substance that can't be seen, tasted, smelled or viewed - only measured via a fudge factor that helps "scientists" balance their equations (so that they don't have to actually revisit their base assumptions and develop new equations).
  • Our Sun is a seething mass of contradictions according to the current "sun as a thermonuclear device" theory. Aspects of our Sun, such as the Corona (and electrical sheath around the sun that shouldn't be there under a strictly nuclear interpretation), the fluctuation in the solar wind, the issues with the fact that the sun is hotter in the corona region that the surface, among many other theoretical problems.

Long story short - we will live to see a new model of the solar system proposed. My money is on the Electric Universe theory, but who knows what the final model will look like.

Why Should You Care?

Aside from the watching socionomics play out in the inspiring and sometimes hateful world of Big Science, the overturning of accepted theories can have huge impacts on your life and career as new developments sweep away the "buggy whip manufacturers" of our era.

Watch out for developments in physics, power generation and biological sciences.

It's not just the Luddites and anti-Reason folks we have to worry about. The cracking of the Scientific Consensus of the last boom will create openings for all sorts of new theories and new ideas. You might be asked to invest in some - possibly making your fortune or losing a bundle, you might watch your job disappear as a new process is developed or you might have your lifestyle enhanced by a new biotech process that uses photosynthesis to drive electrical generation.

Who knows? Do be aware of the basics of science in the areas of power generation and food production (at least). Keep abreast of heretical ideas, even if you disagree with them. Be on the watch for new talent in these fields. The coming years of negative mood mean opportunity for those willing to look for it. Be one of those.

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