Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pakistan Continues to Burn

As we discussed in Pakistan on the Verge, "...America will suffer from a war [in Pakistan]. Our efforts in Afghanistan will go down the toilet as the supply routes up through Pakistan are cut..."

Today we get this:

Supply trucks hit in brazen attack in Pakistan
by Laura King, Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan for the L.A. Times
In one of the biggest and most brazen attacks of its kind to date, suspected Taliban insurgents with heavy weapons attacked two truck stops in northwest Pakistan early today, destroying more than 150 vehicles carrying supplies bound for U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan.

The predawn attack on the outskirts of the city of Peshawar left the grounds of the truck terminals littered with the burned-out shells of Humvees and other military vehicles. At least one guard was reported killed.

This is not good, friends. I have no other advice than to keep an eye on Pakistan. The blowback from a collapse of the State there could reach deep into Afghanistan, India and possibly Iran. The blow to U.S. prestige - at a time of massive financial uncertainty and chaos, spells nothing but trouble.

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