Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Bids

Not much new analysis for you today or probably the rest of the week. Had to fly to D.C. for meetings that start way too early tomorrow.

Some must-reads for you in the meantime:

Port Authority Gets No Bids for Taxable Bond Offering - Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey attracted no bids from investment banks interested in underwriting a $300 million taxable note offering in another sign that the seizure in credit markets persists...

Comment - Holy crap! If you want to know what the real finance playerz think of the credit markets ignore the stock market and watch what is happening in agency, government and corporate bonds. What those signals are saying is "Great Depression"

America speaks, and Washington is forced to listen - that this essential part of the U.S. manufacturing base is on the brink of oblivion, the real story is finally being told, and the untenable realities and ramifications of a collapse of the domestic automobile industry are being put in stark terms that even our leaders in Washington can understand...

Comment - De Lorenzo is at it again, screaming into the night about just how bad things could get if the automakers go under.

Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him - A hunter bagged a big buck on the second day of firearms season, but the kill caused him a lot of pain. Randy Goodman, 49, said he thought two well-placed shots with his .270-caliber rifle had killed the buck on Nov. 19. Goodman said the deer looked dead to him, but seconds later the nine-point, 240-pound animal came to life. The buck rose up, knocked Goodman down and attacked him with his antlers in what the veteran hunter called "15 seconds of hell." The deer ran a short distance and went down, and died after Goodman fired two more shots...

Comment - Why you should always have your pistol ready when out hunting with your longarm.

Please continue to watch as the pot boils between Pakistan and India. We'll talk oil next week once I get back and plow through the PEMEX numbers. What I'm seeing looks horrible, but until then, stay alert and be ready - for anything.

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