Monday, December 15, 2008

Chillin' in Gaza

Another negative socionomic alarm is ringing in the Middle East. Socionomic theory indicates that in times of positive social mood "uppers" such as caffeine and energy drinks should dominate as drugs of choice. In times of negative social mood, "downers" should rise to dominance.

In Gaza, they are choosing downers:

Hooked on chill pills in war-torn Gaza
from the AP via MSNBC
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The new drug overtaking the Gaza Strip doesn't stimulate hallucinations or give endurance at the dance club. It merely chills you out, which is exactly what many Gazans say they need.

Ruled by Islamic hard-liners from Hamas and locked in by Israel, Gazans can't travel outside the strip, have few places to go for fun, and are faced with a failing economy. Thus the boom in the popularity of tramadol, a painkiller known here by a common brand name, "Tramal."

Growing numbers of Gazans have begun using the drug over the past year and a half to take the edge off life in the impoverished seaside strip, pharmacists and residents say...

Some of you may think I'm reaching here. "After all, it is Gaza, one of the worst hell-holes on earth. You'd almost have to self-medicate to handle living in such a place!" you may be thinking.

I would agree on the sentiment but would then ask - why now? Why not five or ten years ago? Gaza sucked then, just as it sucks now. I posit that this is just another alarm bell ringing in the night, confirming that this is a world-wide bear we are facing.

Food for thought, if nothing else. For those of you buying into the whole "we are making a bottom" thesis, this should give pause.

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