Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Rocky End to November

Take a few days off for Thanksgiving and all kinds of crap breaks loose.

I won't dwell on the Mumbai attacks right now, that is being well covered by others. While I'm not quite as apocalyptic as Mike Ruppert about the blowback from this tragedy, if Pakistani intel is fingered in this, who really knows how far the Indians will push it? Will they take it out in Kashmir? Will they try and sponsor their own groups in Afghanistan to open a new "front" on them? Crack down on their large Muslim minority? The blowback is what we need to be looking for now.

The market rally was impressive this past week as well, but the reality is no different than when we discussed a previous bear market rally in Holy Short Squeeze, Marketman!


The memes being pimped out by the MSM are in flux, but keep an eye on what they are selling us:

  • "We" are all vulnerable to attack!
  • Overseas is dangerous! (Ignore the U.S. crime rate and death rate from car crashes)
  • An attack like this is coming to the U.S.
  • U.S. markets are oversold!
  • Low oil means a recovery is right around the corner!

What is interesting is we are missing the "we have to do something about terrorism" meme that I expected post-Mumbai.

Look for trends in the language the media will be using in the coming days to describe the economy and the security situation. Look for similar words or phrases and it should give us an idea of where the elites are wanting to push things in the coming months.

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