Friday, November 14, 2008

A Great Adage to Live By

In George Ure's Urbansurvival article for today (14 November 2008), there is a great quote that you should remember as we navigate the Chump Phase of the Great Collapse, on our way to whatever comes next for our society:

"...speaking of layoffs and such - had an email recently from a reader in one of the Top 10 markets who is putting in a $30-million apartment complex. He's been hearing some rumbles that the bank which is backing the project may delay payments to subs. Traditionally, in the construction industry, when this happens, the subs are the ones that get screwed.

So managing this big project he asked me "What's the right thing to do here? Tell my subs that the bank may be late or freeze the project, or don't tell the subs and get the job as far along as fast as possible?"

Tough one, but simple when you remember some basics. "Subs" are humans with lives they put on the line and they deserve first consideration when compared to paper legal entities that are designed to shield owners from liability.

I wrote to him that 10-years from now you're not going to run into a corporate entity in some dark alley when you've been out for a few pops on Friday night. A disgruntled sub? One you screwed out of thousands and destroyed his family knowing that he was about to get stiffed and didn't shoot straight with 'em?

Not uncommon for humans to carry grudges over a whole lifetime. Humans first. Corporate entities last..."

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Flyboy said...

Amen Flagg, Amen