Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't Do It, Mr. Bush

So much to think about.

  • We could discuss the big pop in the markets in the last hour of trading today, but what is there really to say? Today was an options expiration date and you knew the big money playerz were going to force things up if they could, plus the shorts needed to cash in to realize some serious gains today as well.
  • We could discuss another glaring socionomic signal of negative social mood - a Florida teenager streamed his suicide live over the internet on Wednesday. Suicide rates are used as a socionomic gauge. Unfortunately, we can expect more of these tragedies. But what is there really to discuss? All signs point towards a long and profound period of negative social mood. You either will believe this or not and you will either act on it or not.
  • We could discuss the proposed bridge loans for the various automakers, discuss the hypocrisy of the Congresscritters and their Senate compadres as they grill the Big 3 execs over $25 billion after happily dropping to their knees and servicing the finance playerz to the tune of $700 billion just a few weeks ago. But again, why? This will end in rage and tears as it is, why waste energy on these rats?

No, what I do want to talk about is a little more personal. Something I also think could spark a lot of blowback for various Powers That Be if it happens.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

On this date in 1985, U.S. Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Jay Pollard is arrested and accused of spying for Israel. He pleads guilty and is sentenced to life in prison. Damage assessments of his treasonous activities include evidence that "he compromised US worldwide signals intelligence efforts by revealing US penetration of cryptographic modules sold around the world for official use" - all while working as a sanctioned agent for Israeli intelligence. The full extent is not known as the summary prepared by Casper Weinberger was deemed too sensitive to release. Indications are that the traitor Pollard did immense damage to the U.S. on behalf of a foreign state.

As we get closer to the end of Bush 43's final year in office, apparently he is considering giving Pollard a pardon for his treasonous activities.

Un-freaking-believable. If Bush 43 pardons Pollard, he will be making a mockery of our intel services. In this new world we are entering into, a strong intel and counter-intel community is worth more than an entire field army. Our CIA, FBI and the various components of the national intel community are an asset we have to cultivate, to encourage and to hold up as the patriots they are. Should a pardon be issued, Bush 43 will be insulting all Americans as he suckles up to a pressure group and releases a traitor. The son of a bitch should have been taken out and shot, and his body hung from a lamppost outside the Israeli embassy until it decomposed and the bones left to bleach in the sun to this day. Instead, he may wind up with a Get Out of Jail Free card and a one-way ticket back to the foreign power that used him to spy against my country.

This of course speculation at the moment. Pardons and rumors of pardons start flying about as a President's term comes to a close. With the staunch support that Bush 43 has shown the State of Israel over the last 8 years, I guess I should have expected talk of this.

I would warn El Senor Presidente Bush though, that actions have consequences. And that, as a son of a former CIA chieftan, he should know that the CIA and the intel services in general are not a bunch of wimps who will take something like this lying down.

Just ask Nixon.

Huh, you may ask?

I would strongly, strongly urge you to read a fascinating study done by Gary North entitled Inside Job: How Nixon Was Taken Down and Part II: Identifying the Mole.

I won't give you any spoilers. Just click over, print the thing off and sit down with a good drink. Read what Mr. North has to say, ponder it for awhile.

Mr. Bush, I suggest you do the same thing and think long and hard before signing a piece of paper that frees a traitor and sticks a thumb in the eye of our counter-intel community.

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