Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Curious Correlations

For those of you who like "big picture" type of stories and theories, check this out:

War and Sunspot Cycles: A Form of Electromagnetic Pollution
by Buryl Payne PhD, Epoch Times
TV, cell phone towers, power lines, and house appliances—while they make our lives more convenient, they also contribute to polluting our electromagnetic atmosphere. A growing number of scientists, health care professionals, and concerned citizens argue that these invisible frequencies are responsible for a host of various health problems. Meanwhile, the largest polluter has gone unnoticed: the sun. At certain times, the sun’s activity can also aggravate mental health problems...

Just something to ponder. For those of you following along with Fabius Maximus' occasional review of sunspots and climate change as relates to national security, this might be of interest.

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