Sunday, September 7, 2008


Anyone who worries about the status of NATO forces in Afghanistan, like me, is praying hard that this is just a very temporary way of sending a message to the U.S. that sending soldiers into Pakistan to kill Pakistanis is not taken lightly.

Pakistan stops NATO supplies
by Iqbal Khattak
PESHAWAR: Pakistan stopped supplies to the United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan through its western Torkham border on Friday, citing security concerns. A senior official said the measure followed increasing Taliban threats to trucks carrying the supplies.“All Afghanistan-bound supplies for the International Security Assistance Force have been stopped as the [Torkham] highway is vulnerable,” Khyber Agency Political Agent Tariq Hayat told Daily Times..

We worried a lot about Pakistan earlier in the year. I haven't blogged much on the recent change in government as I don't believe it has altered the fundamentals - yet. The tension between Salafists and the old guard in the Army is still high and rising. This messy new civilian government is not going to do any better, in my amateur opinion.

Why do we care?

Whey should anyone outside of South Asia care? Pakistan is playing a dangerous game, as is the U.S. here. Pakistan is fracturing. Pakistan is the bridge that supplies the lifeline to the forces fighting in Afghanistan. The other main route into Afghanistan? Via Russia - who we just got done pissing off through our crackheaded "ally" President Saakashvili of Georgia in the recent Georgia - Ossetia - Russia fight.

If that supply is disrupted, our troops could be reduced to fighting for survival out of a few Fort Apaches like Bagram Airbase and not doing much "searching for Bin Laden" like I thought they were.

And if our response to Pakistan destablizes that country even more, we could look at a chaotic situation where this nuclear-armed country plunges into an active low-level civil war.

Plus, this just reeks of blowback to continuing idiot foreign policy decisions made by the geniuses inside the Beltway. Braindead civilians playing games with the lives of the bravest of a generation of U.S. war-fighters.

Think about the effects on U.S. policy and world markets in general. Keep an eye on it.

Hat tip to the Long War Journal.

UPDATE: It's back open. Message delivered. Pakistan reopens vital border crossing to NATO

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