Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon

One thing to remember as you read various headlines or blog posts - yes, there will be much sound and fury over this proposed "stabilization" plan (I was watching CNBC early this morning and they have decided that the public anger over the plan is because it is described as a bailout - if we don't use bad words, nothing bad will happen), yes there will be much anger and venting of frustration over this transfer of wealth from Chinese buyers of U.S. debt to Paulson's banker friends, yes there will be much anger and frustration over the continuing beat-down to the Constitution that is occuring. All of it will be justifiable and none of it will matter to you over the next month.

The financial elites are scared shitless. You should be too. I strongly, strongly, strongly advise you to go to a site like Ready.gov and build up an emergency kit. Have some food on hand. Have cash.

If you haven't done so already, take advantage of the latest EWI offer and get Bob Prechter's latest forecast for FREE. He has been preparing for this meltdown for a decade. He was early, but he was right. Take advantage of his insight.

If the banking system locks up and the ATMs lock up, then the supply chain locks up. Gasoline doesn't get delivered. Coal trains don't get loaded. Brownouts start rolling.

October will be bad. Be in a position where you could make it through the month without having to go to an ATM or use a credit card for food or necessities. Have enough to share with friends and family.

Be prepared.

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