Sunday, August 31, 2008


They are following Gustav over at the Oil Drum. If little things like the bulk of U.S. gasoline refining capacity worry you, I suggest following along and contributing where you can.

UPDATE: Not to go all Jim Kunstler on you, but the topic of railroads came up as I was watching the Weather Channel coverage of what's going on in New Orleans as they prep for Gustav. An Amtrak rep was being interviewed. Amtrak had evac'd 1900 people yesterday and were sending another 1000 out this afternoon. If that doesn't tell the tale of America's decrepit passenger rail system, I don't know what does. A major U.S. metropolis, well-served by rail and they barely even get out 1% of the 223,000 residents of New Orleans in an evacuation. When the reality of Peak Oil settles in, here's hoping passenger rail is at the top of the mitigation list.

UPDATE 2: With the oil rigs and refineries of the Gulf about to be hit by Gustav, now might be a good time to review Jeff Vail's discussion of Demand Destruction and Brittle Systems.

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