Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Meditation for 15 August 2008

Socionomics is often used (or misused) here at FutureJacked as a way, imperfect though it may be, of modeling major sea changes in human attitudes and the herding patterns that result from it. The operating thesis is that much of the population of the United States is ungergoing a significant change in attitudes towards topics such as debt, what constitutes success, openess versus anger, inclusiveness versus secession, etc.

From across the pond, we get a possible view into a future where cash and material success is valued less than other contributions, plus it is a good example of exclusivity in action. Ponder what your town or city would be like if attitudes like this took hold:

London Clubs Rebuff `Braying' Bankers, Favor Style Over Wealth
by Camilla Hall, Bloomberg

Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Jonathan Downey, the owner of the East Room club on the edge of London's financial district, says bankers are the last people he wants as members.

"We don't want the archetypal City idiot, waving his cash about at the bar and braying like a buffoon and annoying women,'' said Downey, 42, whose club charges men an annual membership fee of 350 pounds ($655). Women pay 150 pounds...

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