Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cuomo to Cancer Victims: Drop Dead

We take a brief aside from politics and the Great Unraveling that is silently tearing through U.S. households, local and state governments to bring you another example of stupidity in action from the great states of Illinois and New York :

Cuomo, Madigan criticize government's stance on uranium
by John O'Brien, LegalNewsLine
NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) - A pair of state attorneys general say the federal government must ban civilian use of highly enriched uranium before it leads to a terrorist attack.

New York's Andrew Cuomo and Illinois' Lisa Madigan wrote the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission Tuesday, complaining that the agency does not have strong enough restrictions. They were joined in the letter by Rep. Peter King (R-NY), the Ranking Member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

"It's absurd that the NRC has continued to drag its feet when it comes to banning this highly radioactive material," Cuomo said. "Plain and simple, banning highly enriched uranium for civilian use will remove another potential lethal weapon from the terrorists' hands..."

Idiots. These reactors are home to significant research, as well as serve as production centers for radioisotopes used in industry, research trials and cancer therapies.

Enriched Uranium itself is very, very mildly radioactive, not highly radioactive. Peter King needs a new science advisor. If he is worried about it being used as bomb material, he's even dumber than the "highly radioactive" comments makes him look. The enriched fuels used at these reactors are worthless for a bomb. These fuels have other compounds dispersed throughout the fuel meat. You'd need a sophisticated processing center to make the material even vaguely useful. These guys make it sound like somehow all the safety and security systems will be circumvented, the "terrorists" will steal the fuel, then mold the uranium like silly putty into the amazing precise shapes needed for a bomb and then detonate it. Oh yeah, ignoring that you can't get enough enriched uranium in the first place to make a bomb work.

The American Ship of State, guided by fools and buffoons. Sigh.


Jay@Soob said...

Politicians are the most imbecilic smart people on the planet, aren't they?

Next they'll be after our smoke detectors...

Flagg707 said...

It's just amazing. These folks have highly paid staffers to inform them on these issues. Ugh.

Great point about the smoke detectors. Confiscate all the Americium sources in smoke detectors or the terrorists will win!