Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christmas in August

Enjoy this latest positive mood swing as expressed in the markets (we are up a little over 200 points on the DJIA as I write this). This is a fantastic gift for those who still need time to prepare their fiscal affairs for a severe downturn.

The "fundamentals" still haven't changed. No one can prevent the coming debt storm and derivatives implosion that is churning our way. But suckers rallies can be fierce and the force of the government's bully pulpit and media cheerleading can convince many that "the worst is over".

I think they can keep things pumped up through most of this month and into September. It appears that most big players are willing to bet that the various schemes put forth by the Treasury and Fed will, at the very least, stabilize the housing markets and calms worries over the financial companies. If nothing else, the big money has to cling to that hope because they have no where else to hide.

Enjoy this final month or so. Please, please, please, at least do the minimum to prepare yourself and your family for "asymmetric events" that could cause financial loss, transportation restrictions or rationing of basic goods. Something wicked is coming. Look past the dancing girls and carnival barkers that are constantly trotted out by the various media and keep your focus on the reality behind the glitter.

On another note, posting may be spotty this week. I am absolutely buried with non-blog work stuff.

Enjoy life to the fullest as summer wanes. Take a day off, spend time with friends and loved ones. Enjoy the now. Things are going to give way this fall, in my opinion, and in a big way.

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