Monday, July 21, 2008

Who Is Feeding Your Mind?

Mish provides another reason to be highly skeptical of official data. In Transition Ages like the one we are in (possibly the most profound since the late 1800's) the impetus to pretend all is well can become overwhelming to bureaucratic organizations that rely on some form of stability.

BLS BS Exposed: Commercial Bankruptcies Soar
Mike Shedlock
...It was the 10th straight quarter that business bankruptcy filings have increased. Nearly 29,000 companies filed in the first half of 2008. Another 60,000 to 90,000 others probably have closed, because roughly two to three businesses fold for every one that files for bankruptcy, said Jack Williams, resident scholar at the American Bankruptcy Institute...

...The BLS reported net expansion of new businesses in all but 3 of the past 15 months. January and July are months in which they partially correct for the ridiculous assumptions made in the other months...

This is not necessarily part of some great conspiracy. Most likely it is normal human behavior. The world has changed, dramatically. It will take awhile for folks to update the software that guides their thinking and their actions. That upgrade process can be messy and, unfortunately, can last longer than we'd like.

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