Thursday, June 19, 2008

What If?

Blacklight Power's "Fifth Force" Device

I must admit I have a soft spot for freaks of science. I've studied and even tried my hand at a few "perpetual motion" devices using magnets or trying to "recreate" Bessler's Wheel - if for no other reason than to play with the mechanics of it.

I still regard "free energy" as a pipe dream and won't bore you with my interpretation of why the physics just won't work.

That said, I guess if you don't like the way that we understand physics today, then change physics. Which is exactly what the researchers at Blacklight Power have done. I have little use for theoreticians in general, but they are putting their money where their mouth is and are engineering devices to take advantage of their supposed new understanding of physics.

I have followed them over the last three years and while it so far has been jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, it's never been jam today - but now they are going to try and build a working device that gives a tremendous power output from little fuel input.

If it works, I'll let you start working out the ramifications for power distribution, wealth destruction as utilities fall, the ability of small groups to become sustainable with modern conveniences, etc. Imagine the Branch Davidians at Waco with an in-house power source, running A/C and lights while under siege instead of using kerosene lanterns? Imagine storms ripping through your town and instead of downed power lines and no electricity for days, the lights never go off? Imagine, imagine, imagine...

But I'm not betting the ranch on it just yet.

What if Blacklight Power works in 2009 ?
from Next Big Future
...They [Blacklight Power] claim that the device will generate power at ten times less cost than the cheapest coal, wind and nuclear power now. They are expecting to have built a factory for mass producing power generation devices in 2009 and to scale the system up to 3MW or more and down to smaller power levels...

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