Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Teutonic Socionomic Signal

During a turn towards negative mass mood, socionomic theory tells us that societies will encourage more restrictions on transportation. In an echo of the 55 mph national limit imposed in the U.S. during the downturn of the 1970's, Germany is now clamping a speed limit down on the autobahn:

Germany: Speed Limit Is Now A Reality

Well, it finally happened. The world famous, bullet-fast, no-speed-limit German autobahns may soon become just like every other highway – boring.

"For the first time in the country's highway history," reported Germany's Deutsche Welle this week, "a German state has set a speed limit on its Autobahn…limiting car traffic to 120 km per hour."

Calls to slow down the autobahns were sounded several times this decade – because, reportedly, "The danger of serious accidents…is reduced wherever there is a speed limit" (DW), and because fast driving "senselessly wastes energy and harms the climate." (Reuters)...

Note that Reuters and Deutsche Welle touch on memes that I believe will be leveraged by governments and mass movements to clamp down on societies across the globe - the "safety at any cost" culture, the "energy crisis" meme and of course, the big hammer in the elites' toolkit - environmental concerns.

These memes will be used as the excuses to describe and act out the coming wave of negative mood. Be sure your career, your portfolio and your loved ones are not on the "wrong" side of the trends.

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