Monday, April 28, 2008

A Couple of Items to Chew On

Posting may be spotty early this week. Things are getting crazy busy here.

Stupid Syrians

First, for those continuing to follow the Syrian nuclear reactor story, Dr. Jeffrey Lewis has a new post up over at Arms Control Wonk which discusses Just How Big Was Al Kibar Again? Worth a read. Again, I'm still stunned by the complete idiocy of such a move by Syria, no matter how big or small such a reactor was. Natural selection at work, I guess. You can't fix stupid.

Impossible Dinosaurs

And, for something completely different, check out a site entitled The Solution to the Big Dinosaur Paradox. This guy has a theory that addresses the ugly secret of paleontology - that is the fact that the big dinosaurs completely violate the mass scaling laws (where the volume of an object/animal increase by the cube as surface area increases by the square).

Basically, according to physics and biomechanics as we know them today, dinosaurs could not have existed - they were too huge. Their muscle and bone structure couldn't have handled it.

Personally, I think his theory, while it may have merit, doesn't solve all the problems. I still favor a heresy that can't be uttered outside of the blogosphere just yet - that gravity, which today provides an acceleration of 9.8 meters per second per second, might be variable, not constant. Especially if it ever turns out that gravity has an electromagnetic component to it. I may be wrong, but if gravity is just a product of the environment of this solar system and might be variable depending on solar field output and some other mechanism, then we start to explain a lot of other mysteries as well.

Happy Monday

Think on it. I'll hopefully get caught up and we can review more on the upcoming war between Israel and Hezbollah (and probably Syria and possibly Iran) as well as the economic situation (holding steady and should hold steady for a month or two more - I hope).

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