Monday, March 24, 2008

Votes for Blackouts

A part of me hopes the ecos and the politicos get their wish in New York and Indian Point is not relicensed:

Indian Point Under Fire
Idaho Samizdat
...At a time when many large utilities, such as TVA, do not see any alternative for base load demand, besides nuclear energy, to the problem of greenhouse gases from coal-fired power plants, the issue of what would happen if Indian Point were shut down seems to have been set aside. Locking up and shutting down nuclear energy seems to be the more general goal of opponents of the Indian Point nuclear power plant...

And when the brownouts stretch into blackouts, when average citizens who once could rely on reasonably priced and readily available electricity from the grid are subject to wild price fluctuations as their electricity providers go begging on the spot market, when the Northeast becomes an energy colony of Canada - then maybe, just maybe, these fools in the political establishment will wake up.

But by then, it will be too late and New York will be left behind, it's slogan "The Empire State" a joke at best and a pitiful reminder of a greatness that has long sinced passed that state by.

FYI, for those interested in the nuclear business, I highly recommend checking out Idaho Samizdat on a regular basis. Dan Yurman knows his stuff.

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