Thursday, March 27, 2008

The New Frontier - Squatting

In several of the case studies and scenarios presented in Catastrophic Abundance, we reviewed the potential for huge change in the way people, especially those under financial or legal stress, will deal with issues of shelter in the coming years.

Here is an article out of Vegas that describes the Wild West nature of the new frontier of foreclosed homes and the rough inhabitants of that territory:

Attack on Real Estate Agent Has Other Realtors on Alert
by Adrienne Augustus, Las Vegas Now

A real estate agent is recovering at the hospital after being attacked in a vacant home. One source tells Eyewitness News, the man beat the woman so badly she needed brain surgery. Adrienne Augustus has details about this disturbing crime that has realtors here on alert.

It happened in a home near Anasazi and Summerlin Parkway. This isn't the first brutal crime against a real estate agent inside a vacant home here in the valley. Although the suspect in this crime is in custody, it doesn't mean local realtors have let down their guard.

Realtor Magdalena Chonis is on guard even before she walks through the door of a home she is trying to sell. "I check the windows, I check the doors, make sure everything is intact before walking in."

Once she goes inside, she takes safety a step further. "I walk with my client and do a visual. Make sure there [are] no sleeping bags, make sure there is nothing in the house that could indicate that there is someone in the house."

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