Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fabius on Iraq

Fabius Maximus has a post entitled The Oddity of Reports About the Iraq War that is an attempt to advance the debate a step beyond the reflexive, and useless, "pro-war" vs. "anti-war" screaming match that has been going on for five long years. It's worth your consideration, in my opinion:

The oddity of reports about the Iraq War
...Let us hope that the debate about the Iraq War gets re-started, so that a resolution comes before either events in Iraq decide the conflict for us (perhaps unpleasantly), or we spend McCain’s one hundred years garrisoning Iraq (as he said here and here). Even an acrimonious debate might be better than the air boxing we have today...

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Fabius Maximus said...

Thanks for the post! I hope this helps advance the debate even a mite.