Monday, March 24, 2008

Dude, What Are You Smoking

What the hell. Did Vice President Cheney wake up and decide now was a great time to piss off every relative of every Soldier, Marine, Airman and Sailor who has served in Iraq? What is he smoking that keeps him so far out of touch with reality?

Cheney on Iraq: 'It's Important to Win'
By Martha Raddatz, Ely Brown and Jennifer Parker

..."[The 4,000 dead Americans milestone] obviously brings home I think for a lot of people the cost that's involved in the global war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan," Cheney said in the interview, conducted in Turkey. "It places a special burden obviously on the families, and we recognize, I think — it's a reminder of the extent to which we are blessed with families who've sacrificed as they have."

Cheney: 'The All-Volunteer Force'

"The president carries the biggest burden, obviously," Cheney said. "He's the one who has to make the decision to commit young Americans, but we are fortunate to have a group of men and women, the all-volunteer force, who voluntarily put on the uniform and go in harm's way for the rest of us..."

Okay, note to self - El Presidente has the biggest burden here - not the wives and husbands of the troops serving their rotation in Iraq, not the Soldiers and Marines sweating out patrols under the hellish Iraqi sun, not the officers who lead those Soldiers and Marines into harm's way every grinding day - nope, it is Bush 43 with the biggest burden - he gets to sit in an air conditioned office, make sweeping decisions and lie his way through every mistake, be held unaccountable for a meatgrinder of a war that has gone horribly wrong and for a budget deficit and national debt that will leave the next three generations of Americans debt slaves to the world. Wow, what a burden.

Now, I will agree that the opprobrium history will heap upon Bush 43 for his decisions will be so vast that probably no male child will be named George for a century after the Collapse sets in, but for now, to trot out a draft-dodging Vice-President to mock the sacrifice of military families with the suggestion that Bush 43's burden is greater than theirs is obscene.

What in the world are the elites thinking? Why do they insist on trying to burn down the very house that gives them shelter? Why utter such a stupid statement on the occasion of the 4,000th dead American in Iraq?

Sorry to get so fired up - but this is such an absurd thing to say. The war is what it is. Poor decisions were made. Bush, for all the mistakes I believe he has made, has, if nothing else, proven himself to be steadfast in pursuit of what he believes to be interests worth sending others to fight for. Fine. That is the nature of war - old men sending young ones off to fight, but damnit, save the sanctimonius moaning about how tough it is to be the big shot - it is an insult and the kind of thing that can come back to haunt a man.

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