Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deaths Per TWh for All Energy Sources

I have no comment other than to say thank you the blogger at Next Big Future for posting this:

Deaths per TWh for all energy sources: Rooftop solar power is actually more dangerous than Chernobyl
Comparing deaths/TWh for all energy sources

The ExternE calculation of death/TWh from different energy sources (not including global warming effects and is the average for European nations). This draws on data from 4290 energy-related accidents, 1943 of them classified as severe, and compares different energy sources. It considers over 15,000 fatalities related to oil, over 8000 related to coal and 5000 from hydro...

I stand by my thesis that it will take a die off of the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers before the U.S. can institute a sweeping, rational energy policy which will include nuclear as a significant component, but the facts continue to build in its support.

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Hillary said...

This can't be right - we use around 15 terawatts of electricity, globally, and for the last five years mining deaths (not the hundreds of thousands of indirect deaths caused by pollution, est. at 750,000/yr) have averaged about 6,150 a year. This graph either uses terrible data, or depicts something like the deaths in the USA, not the world, caused by various sources of energy.