Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Theorist

As you will have noticed from the change in the EWI ads, Elliott Wave International is offering free access to the January issue of Elliott Wave Theorist (written by Bob Prechter). Please take advantage of this.

The single-issue price is $29, so this is a good deal.

You'll find in the free issue:
- A single chart that will be of intense interest to traders and to anyone concerned with the direction of markets
- Bob's ideal time frame for a stock market bottom, including a specific target year
- A second chart called "Prison Break for the Bears" that delivers a piece of news you won't find in the papers tomorrow – or any other source for that matter
- An answer to the question are gold and silver the safe havens everyone thinks?
- Two excellent services Bob personally recommends - for you high net worth types (you know who you are)
- Plus a Q&A session with Bob – conducted by the Market Technicians Association – that will tell you why he thinks the Wave Principle is the best-suited tool for anyone watching the markets at this juncture

This is good information even for those of you who are not actively trading the markets and even if you don't always agree with EWI's forecasts - it is concise data backed up by a theory that has a good track record. Please don't ignore it. If you have not signed up for the many free offerings from EWI, it takes all of 30 seconds to do it.

Click here to get started.

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