Monday, October 1, 2007

MENDing India

Looks like globalguerrilla tactics and memes have infected India:

Bombs kill 5, wound dozens, and rupture gas pipeline in northeast India

GAUHATI, India: Suspected separatist rebels set off three bombs in India's northeast, killing five people, wounding dozens more and setting ablaze a natural gas pipeline, officials said Monday.

The blasts, which went off late Sunday, were blamed on the United Liberation Front of Asom, a separatist group that has been fighting for an independent homeland in the area for nearly two decades...

..."The damage looks serious and natural gas supplies in the area could be disrupted for an unspecified period," Sharma said...

As we saw in MENDing Mexico, 4GW entities are flocking to petroleum and natural gas infrastructure like flies to a rotting carcass.

How long with the old Industrial Era pipeline networks be able to hold up? What will replace them, if anything, in delivering fuel and energy supplies across long distances?

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