Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Water Weapon

The art of using water supplies as a weapon against a town or city is being relearned in Iraq. Considering the poor state of U.S. infrastructure, makes on wonder if those same soldiers may some day be called upon to use the same tactics here in CONUS against some cranky locals...

Water Supplies Dwindle in Besieged Town
As US Seeks Mahdi Suspects, Husseiniya Residents Look to Militia for Protection

Water resources are dangerously scarce in an area just outside of Baghdad here US forces have enforced harsh curfew measures since last month.

In the town of Husseiniya, about nine miles north of Baghdad, local sources tell raqSlogger that residents are sufferring a lack of potable fresh water.

The area has been under American siege for weeks as US forces crack down on the ahdi Army militia. Entrance points have been barricaded by concrete blocks, esidents told IraqSlogger.

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