Friday, August 10, 2007

He Writes Like He Pitches. Sort of All Over the Place...

A quick post to the new readers out there on what we cover here at FutureJacked. You'll see posts on financial markets, socionomics, politics, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Peak Oil and anything else that takes my fancy.

We are trying to find patterns in the great stew of human events. Patterns that we can use to plan for the future, to think about topics in ways outside the mainstream so as not to be blind-sided by coming events. We live in a time of great flux, where the old post-World War II system is finally breaking down for good, to be replaced by...

That's just it. I don't know what comes next. All I can do is watch what is happening in "laboratories" such as Iraq or Mexico and see how the pressures of this new world create new structures for living, fighting, thriving and dying - knowing that what we see in those countries will be played out in the streets of more "developed" Westernized countries in the coming years. The "periphery" will export their new structures of global guerrillas, 4GW and breakdown to the "core" and the world of our fathers will finally perish.

It'll be up to us to build anew on the ashes.

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