Friday, August 17, 2007

Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

This guy's funny:

Countrywide Upgraded As Analysts Say Lender Can Weather The Storm
...Although Lacoursiere warned that "sizable risks remain," he said Countrywide's use of its credit line gives the company breathing room. "As a result we think the possibility of a liquidity induced distressed sale [is] unlikely," the analyst wrote...

Maybe that crack baby at B of A should contact the CEO of Countrywide and see what he thinks of CFC stock. Better yet, I wonder if he is loading up on CFC stock. What do you think?

Yes, this post is another meandering between war, conflict and markets.

Out in suburbs across America, right now - that is where the angry militias and gangs of tomorrow are forming. The economic pressure is rising, the sense of pessimism about the future and the idea that all progress is futile is building. And the plutocrats trying to paper over this coming debacle are going to unleash a storm unlike anything ever seen on the North American continent.

Time to review the history of post-Tito Yugoslavia for a preview of the coming attractions...

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