Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back Soon...

I'll be offline for a few days while I'm off pursuing a potentially income-ehancing opportunity.

For those of you who enjoy following along with the finance markets - I strongly encourage you to sign up (for free, no credit card info needed or anything like that) for Elliott Wave International's "Free Week" for their intra-day market service, starting tomorrow. This is a professional service they normally charge big bucks for and you can see how they operated in real-time.

Plus, if I am correct, the next week should be interesting - either we'll see a big blowoff to the upside as folks assume the Fed has papered over all the problems in the credit markets, or we'll see a correction to the downside as the markets try to adjust to the new levels of perceived risk. Either way, should be fun to watch.

Also, keep the Iran situation in your sights. I still think that right now it is mostly a lot of grunting and howling between the current Alpha Male (the U.S.) and the local wannabe. That said, I've been wrong before. Plus, the ongoing indigestion in the credit markets bear watching as well.

Check out these sites until I return, probably Friday:

George Ure's Urbansurvival

Mish's Global Economic Analysis

Soob's blog (well worth your time)

Breaking News at Life After The Oil Crash

Keep your eyes open and your powder dry, my friends.

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subadei said...

Best of luck and looking forward to your return.