Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Revolting Against Conformity

I regard Chuck Palahniuk as the best writer of minimalist fiction out there. For those that have avoided modern fiction, check out Fight Club (avoid the movie). This interview is from a few years ago...

In the video clip, he refers to people passing out during a reading of one of his short stories. He is referring to 'Guts'. It is not at all funny, as he says, but it is definitely disturbing. I was in Kansas City a few years ago for one of his readings and he narrated it. I didn't pass out, but I did break out into a cold sweat and nearly puke. It is far more powerful when you hear it presented to you by a powerful speaker. Reading it is uncomfortable enough.

Anyway, if you are looking for something disturbing and engaging, check out his work. Plus, I think he is the type of artist who is in touch with the zeitgeist (pardon the academic stink to that term) and his work could be speaking to us from the future.

Read Fight Club, meditate on the Space Monkeys and on some of Tyler's vision and think about what you hear in activist circles these days. Look for socionomic themes and how he plays with human emotions, especially those of alienation, anger and violence.

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