Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MENDing Mexico

Photo by Arturo Lopez/AP

More details are emerging on the recent bombing of natural gas and petroleum pipelines in Mexico, and those details are ugly for anyone interested in Mexican oil production and distribution (that would any of you living north of the Panama Canal):

Mexican bombers also hit crude oil pipeline
Bombers in Mexico, who targeted crucial gas pipelines, had detailed knowledge of the vulnerable energy installation.
by Kevin G. Hall, The Miami Herald

WASHINGTON -- Saboteurs who blew up natural gas pipelines that shut down one of Mexico's main industrial regions earlier this month also crippled an important crude oil pipeline in an operation that indicated extensive knowledge of Mexico's energy infrastructure, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Not only were oil and natural gas pipelines targeted, but the bombers also knew enough about energy installations to destroy the shutoff valves along several pipelines that allow for the wide national distribution of oil and natural gas.

''These are massive steel valves -- they're gigantic,'' a U.S. official familiar with the bombing investigation told McClatchy Newspapers. ``These are major, very expensive shutoff valves that control the flow of all this petroleum. This wasn't a round tube in the middle of nowhere.''

And the bombers knew which side of the valve they should strike, ensuring that crude oil didn't flow to a nearby refinery and that natural gas didn't flow to foreign and Mexican manufacturers in the central Bajio region, said the official, who agreed to talk only on condition of anonymity because of the extreme sensitivity of the probe in Mexico...

Insiders selling out info on petroleum infrastructure. Kidnapping as a major industry in Mexico already. How long before the shake-downs of PEMEX begin by local gangs? How long before they MEND the Mexican petroleum industry?

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Harleydog said...

Thx for continuing to highlight important issues like this. As one of our major energy suppliers you would think the mainsteam media would focus on this, instead they prefer Anna Nicole, Paris and Lindsay.